Sunday, May 30, 2010

The End Of The Gallifrey Vortex, Thankyou

This post is the hardest one I have written for this website, and it is unfortunately, also it's last. I have recently been thinking, and have come to the decision that I will be closing The Gallifrey Vortex today, after having many long and difficult thoughts about it. As upset as I am about closing the website, I know that it is for the best, as I sadly no longer updating and enjoy other things more than blogging now. I set up The Gallifrey Vortex on January the 8th 2009, at the age of twelve, and over one year on, on May the 30th 2010, at the age of thirteen, the fun of writing posts has been lost. The website was a big part of my life, and I always made the effort to come online every day to update with the latest news, but recently I haven't updated as much, with many other Doctor Who websites being faster sources. But looking on the brighter side of things, I would like to thank every single visitor who made this website what it was, and I really appreciate what you did for it. I could not leave though without thanking someone very special hugely, who has helped me with this website, and the sites I have had before, because he has been a really great friend to me, and that person is Conor from Tardis Base. I recommend you visit his website as your new source for Doctor Who, as it is updated with many posts daily. Other people I would like to thank are: Rob, Meg, Mark, Axlart, Luke, Patar, Vortex, and many more. This is now the end, so I would again, like to thank everyone who has visited, and hope to speak to you all in the near future.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vincent And The Doctor Next Time Trailer

Tonight's broadcast of Cold Blood was followed up by the usual trailer for the next episode of Doctor Who series five, Vincent and The Doctor. The episode will see The Doctor and Amy visit an art gallery where they discover a strange face in one of Van Gogh's paintings, causing them to travel back in time to Provence to discover what it is. The new trailer can be seen below:

Vincent and The Doctor will be broadcast on BBC One and on the BBC HD channel next Saturday at 6.40pm. In the meantime, you can still take part in the episode discussion for Cold Blood, which is available in the previous post, and more news regarding Vincent and The Doctor will be posted here when possible.

Cold Blood: What Did You Think?

Cold Blood, the ninth episode of Doctor Who series five, has just received it's first broadcast in the United Kingdom, and now it is your turn to leave your thoughts on it, in our weekly episode discussion. The episode saw The Doctor, Amy, and Rory, try to make peace with the Silurians, before Earth would become the grounds for war. What did you think of the Silurian's and Human's actions? What did you think of the story's plot? What did you think of the casts performances? And what are your thoughts on the emotional ending and latest appearance of the mysterious cracks? You can leave your views and opinions on all the above and more below.

Doctor Who Continues In Cold Blood Tonight

Tonight sees the first broadcast of the ninth episode of Doctor Who series five, Cold Blood, in the United Kingdom. Continuing from last week, the episode will see the Silurians begin their plans to wipe Humanity from the Earth and claim it back for themselves, while The Doctor and Nasreen find themselves in the underground Silurian city. The episode stars Matt Smith as The Eleventh Doctor, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, and Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams. Cold Blood will be broadcast at 7.00pm on BBC One and on BBC HD, running for fifty minutes, and being followed by Doctor Who Confidential on BBC Three. Come back to The Gallifrey Vortex later tonight to participate in our episode discussion, and to see the next time trailer for Vincent and The Doctor. Are you looking forward to this?

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Lodger Official Synopsis

The BBC Press Office has released the official synopsis for the eleventh episode of Doctor Who series five, The Lodger. The episode will see The Doctor, as played by Matt Smith, move into a flat with a new character called Craig Owens, as played by James Corden, where something strange is going on at the top of the stairs. The official synopsis for this is below:

There’s a house on Aickman road, and a staircase that people go up, but never down, as the time-travelling drama continues. To solve the mystery of the man upstairs, the Doctor faces his greatest challenge yet – he must pass himself off as a perfectly normal human being, and share a flat with Craig Owens.

The Lodger will be broadcast on BBC One and on the BBC HD channel on Saturday the twelfth of June at 6.45pm, and the latest news regarding it will be posted here when it is made available. What do you think of this new synopsis?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Series Five Wave One Action Figures Revealed

Character Options has today unveiled the first wave of brand new action figures from the fifth series of Doctor Who, which can be seen above. The new figures are five-inch, going to scale with the figures released across the past four years, and feature highly detailed and fully articulated new sculpts. The new wave features action figures of The Eleventh Doctor, coming with sonic screwdriver, Amy Pond, Hawthorne and a Winder with hidden Smiler face from The Beast Below, Professor Bracewell with swappable arm and chest reveal, and a Khaki Ironside Dalek and Red Dalek from Victory of the Daleks, and a Weeping Angel from The Time of Angels. All figures will go on sale in the United Kingdom on the twenty-sixth of July, being sold at the recommended retail price of £8.99 for one.