Thursday, May 27, 2010

Series Five Wave One Action Figures Revealed

Character Options has today unveiled the first wave of brand new action figures from the fifth series of Doctor Who, which can be seen above. The new figures are five-inch, going to scale with the figures released across the past four years, and feature highly detailed and fully articulated new sculpts. The new wave features action figures of The Eleventh Doctor, coming with sonic screwdriver, Amy Pond, Hawthorne and a Winder with hidden Smiler face from The Beast Below, Professor Bracewell with swappable arm and chest reveal, and a Khaki Ironside Dalek and Red Dalek from Victory of the Daleks, and a Weeping Angel from The Time of Angels. All figures will go on sale in the United Kingdom on the twenty-sixth of July, being sold at the recommended retail price of £8.99 for one.

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Conor said...

Cannot wait to buy some of these!