Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Darksmith Legacy Book Five and Six

The covers for the fifth and sixth books of the Darksmith Legacy have now been revealed and can be seen above. Book five, written by Stephen Cole, is entitled The Vampire of Paris, while book six, written by Trevor Baxendale, is named The Game of Death. The official synopses for both of the books can be read below:

The Vampire of Paris by Stephen Cole
The Doctor decides it's safe to go back in time to find Varlos before he died. From what Gisella recalls of her father's plans, they head for Paris in 1895 where they discover a city in fear. Why will hardly anyone dare venture out after dark? Who is stealing time from their victims? What will the Doctor do when he realises the killer is also after him? Find out by reading the next thrilling adventure in... The Darksmith Legacy!

The Game of Death by Trevor Baxendale
The hunter becomes the hunted, as the Doctor tracks the Agent's journey from Paris across the Milky Way towards the Silver Devastation. Where is it heading? What force can destroy the crystal? Where is the robot Agent, and why did it come here? What is the strange and sinister game is taking place in an elegant house in the Home Counties…? Find out by reading the next thrilling adventure in... The Darksmith Legacy!

The Vampire of Paris will be released across the United Kingdom and Ireland on the thirtieth of April, and The Game of Death will be released on the twenty-eighth of May, both available to buy at a recommended retail price of £4.99 each. Will you be purchasing these new Doctor Who: Darksmith Legacy books?


TOCS said...

Cool. What cheery titles, eh?


Zobles said...

Those books look alright, I might get them. Your the first site iv seen to post the covers! :D