Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Darksmith Legacy Book Seven and Eight

The covers for book seven and book eight of The Darksmith Legacy series have now been revealed and can both be seen above. Book seven is entitled The Planet of Oblivion and is written by Justin Richards and book eight is entitled The Pictures of Emptiness and is written by Jacqueline Rayner. You can read the synopses for both books below:

Book 7: The neutral ground of the usually lush and beautiful Ursulonamex, known as The Planet of Oblivion, is now scorched and charred. This is where the Darksmiths met their clients to discuss the Eternity Plan, but there is no sign of the clients now, nothing to suggest who they were… as though the mysterious clients have made sure of it. The Doctor and Gisella learn from the few survivors of the Rain of Fire, and that the only clues there might be of what happened could be stored in the observation stations in orbit round the planet. Do any of the observation stations still exist? Are the Doctor and Gisella as alone on board as they think? Who are the Dravidian Hive and are they as benign as they seem…? What is a Dreadbringer? Find out by reading the next exciting instalment of… The Darksmith Legacy!

Book 8: The Doctor finds himself on trial before the Shadow Proclamation where the Crystal is legally returned to Gisella. The Doctor is ready to continue his mission until Gisella betrays him, staying with the Darksmiths. But she accidentally reveals where the Darksmiths are meeting their client. The Doctor arrives on the chosen planet, and becomes involved in an adventure involving missing eyes and souls. Will the Doctor solve this mystery and stop the hand over of the Crystal?

Book seven will be released on the 25th of June and book eigth will be released on the 30th July, both at RRPs of £3.99. Will you be buying any of these books?

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These look good, might buy them sometime.