Friday, February 20, 2009

Missing Doctor Who Episodes in Zimbabwe?

The Sun are today reporting that missing Doctor Who episodes from the classic series are in Zimbabwe. The BBC removed many episodes of various TV shows including Doctor Who from their archives in the late 1960's to make room for newer shows. Zimbabwe previously bought the first ever series of Doctor Who but the BBC apparently expect the series, along with many other episodes to remain hidden there.

An apparent BBC insider said: "We have looked all over the world for missing Doctor Who episodes but there are still some broadcasters we have not spoken to. Zimbabwe could prove a problem as there is so much red tape. There is a fear that we may never get our hands on the footage and that would be a real shame for fans."

President Mugabe has banned the BBC from Zimbabwe, making it harder for the BBC to get hold of the tapes which, according to The Sun, feature missing classic Doctor Who episodes. Please be aware that this report may not be genuine as the BBC have not officially confirmed any of this information.

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Zobles said...

If this is true then I would love to get the episodes back, but I doubt we ever will.