Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Michelle Ryan on Blue Peter

The BBC have announced that Michelle Ryan, the actress who will be playing Christina in the Doctor Who Easter special, Planet of the Dead, will be a guest on next Wednesday's edition of Blue Peter. Michelle will be on the show to promote Planet of the Dead and will be participating in various activities including an interview about the special Doctor Who episode. Blue Peter will be broadcast next Wednesday, the 8th of April, at 4.35pm on BBC One. A reminder for this editon of Blue Peter will be posted on this site on the day the show is broadcast. Will you be watching?


Anonymous said...

"Michelle! Oooh, Michelle!! Oooh! Ohhhhh! OOOOOOOHHHHH YEAH!!!!!!!"

Zobles said...

Erm...anonymous? What are you doing..... lol! I will be watching this next Wed.