Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Doctor Who Battles in Time #68

Issue 68 of Doctor Who Battles in Time magazine was released today and is now on sale across the United Kingdom and Ireland. This issue takes a look at the CyberKing from last year's Doctor Who Christmas special, The Next Doctor, and includes a pack of Ultimate Monsters cards and Devestator cards. Also inside this fortnight's issue:

- Cyberman VS Riversong
- FAQ: Who is... The Eighth Doctor?
- Comic Strip: The Rebirth of Corah
- Mutant Mayhem
- And Much More!

Doctor Who Battles in Time issue 68 is out now at the price of £2.50. Issue 69, the second to last issue in the collection, will be released on the 29th of April and will take a look at the ruthless Sontaran, Commander Kaagh.

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Conor said...

I got this on Wednesday.