Sunday, April 12, 2009

Planet of the Dead Overnight Ratings

Unofficial overnight ratings for Planet of the Dead, the Doctor Who Easter special, have now been released online. The ratings state that the episode was watched by 8.41 million people on BBC One and by 184,000 people on BBC HD. These ratings make Planet of the Dead the most watched programme on BBC HD to date. According to the ratings, last night's episode of Doctor Who Confidential was watched by 0.46 million people and the most watched programme of the night was Britain's Got Talent which had 10.52 million viewers. These ratings are yet to be finalised and the official BARB ratings will be posted here when they are released in ten days.

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Conor said...

Doctor Who didnt do too well considering the huge effort that went into the episode compared to The Next Doctor which got what? 13 million? Hopefully BARBS figures will be higher.