Saturday, April 11, 2009

Planet of the Dead Tonight

The Picture above was made by me.
Tonight, Doctor Who will return in the long awaited Easter special, Planet of the Dead. The episode will see The Doctor and a bus full of people being transported to the planet San Helios where they have to fight for their lives against the carnivorous Swarm and encounter Tritovores. The one hour long episode will be broadcast on both BBC One and on BBC HD and the accompanying episode of Doctor Who Confidential will air shortly after. Below is tonight's Doctor Who schedule:

6.30pm - Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead - BBC One
6.30pm - Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead (HD) - BBC HD
8.30pm - Doctor Who Confidential: Desert Storm - BBC Three

David Tennant is written by Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts and stars David Tennant stars Tenth Doctor and Michelle Ryan as The Lady Christina De Souza. The title for the second Doctor Who special of the year will be revealed at the end of the episode and a trailer for it will be shown. The trailer will be available to watch here shortly after. Are you looking forward to Planet of the Dead?


Outcast Timelord said...

Planet of the dead is tonight! I'm excited now. I will be watching on BBC HD on my new TV later.

Mark said...

Great post, love the picture you made, it's absoultely fantastic. I can't wait for Planet of the Dead, it's going to be so good, not long now :D

Axlart said...

Great picture. I cant wait, not long now.

Conor said...

Great post and cool picture, I really enjoyed Planet of the Dead, it was great!