Thursday, April 23, 2009

Torchwood Magazine #15

The fifteenth issue of the official Torchwood magazine was released today across the United Kingdom and Ireland. This issue features exclusive interviews with John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Rick Makarem, an on set preview of Torchwood series three, a guide to the aliens Torchwood have encountered, an episode guide for Greeks Bearing Gifts, readers' questions answered by Eve Myles, T-Mail, part two of a story by Steve Savile, a comic strip by Gary Russell and Adrian Salmon, and much more. An extract from this issue's interview with John Barrowman can be seen below:

"The new Torchwood story drags up a lot of people's secrets, and we all like to see that, don't we? It's the kind of story that, once you start watching it, you will be hooked. Even if you've never seen Torchwood before, you're going to fall for these characters, and you're going to go with them on an amazing journey that will be the biggest rollercoaster ride of their lives."

The magazine will also give readers a chance to win Torchwood books and will include the latest news. Images from this issue's comic strip, Broken, can be seen by clicking here at Torchwood Magazine's official Facebook group. Issue fifteen of Torchwood Magazine is out now nationwide at the price of £4.99.

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Conor said...

At last! It takes sooooo long for TWM to come out! Bring on series 3!