Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Torchwood Wave Two Action Figures

SciFi Collector recently revealed the first approved images of their second wave of Torchwood action figures. The wave consists of Ianto Jones who is played by Gareth David Llyod, Toshiko Sato who was played by Naoko Mori, Captain John Hart who was played by James Marsters and the Blowfish who was played by Paul Kasey. All of the figures are highly detailed, fully articulated and include a display plinth. The first wave of Torchwood action figures is currently on sale and consists of Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, a Weevil and the Cyberomwan. You can see the approved images of the wave two figures by following the links below:

All of the figures will be released in the Summer of this year and will be sold at the RRP of £9.99. The SciFi Collector online shop has now started taking orders for the upcoming Torchwood figures and you can visit the shop by clicking here.

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Conor said...

OMG theyre just brill I love the TW figures, cant wait to buy!