Saturday, May 2, 2009

Doctor Who Wave Three Stand-Ups

A third wave of life-size Doctor Who stand-ups has now been announced for release. The new wave of stand-ups will consist of Davros, the Supreme Dalek, The Tenth Doctor in his brown suit and Captain Jack Harkness. All of the new stand-ups are made from heavy duty coated card and feature small folding stands so that they can be displayed. The first wave of stand-ups are currently available to buy and consists of The Tenth Doctor in his brown coat and blue suit, Martha Jones, a Gold Dalek and a Cyberman. The second wave of stand-ups are also out now and consists of The Master, K9, an Ood and a Scarecrow. All of the wave three stand-ups are expected to be released on the 8th of May across the United Kingdom and Ireland at the regular retail price of £29.99 each.

1 comment:

Conor said...

I probably wont get any of these as they waste too much space.