Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Torchwood Returns to Radio Four

The Official Torchwood website has now announced that three new Torchwood radio plays will be aired on BBC Radio 4 later this year. The three new radio plays are set after Lost Souls, a special Torchwood radio play that celebrated the switch on of the Large Hadron Collider in September last year. All three new Torchwood radio plays will run for approximately forty-five minutes and will air in Radio 4's Afternoon Play slot at 2.15pm at some point before the third series of Torchwood. The titles and synopsis' for each of this year's Torchwood radio plays can be read below:

Asylum by Anita Sullivan
The story of a teen runaway called Freda who is brought to the attention of Torchwood by PC Andy. As Gwen, Jack and Ianto investigate where this troubled girl has come from, Andy finds himself drawn closer than ever before into the world of Torchwood.

Golden Age by James Goss
Torchwood go to India to investigate the disappearance of hundreds of people. The trail leads them to an old colonial club which seems strangely stuck in the past as does its young and beautiful owner, the Duchess.

The Dead Line by Phil Ford
A series of mysterious phone calls lead Jack into danger, and result in 'a very emotional moment for Ianto'.

More details regarding these new Torchwood radio plays will be posted here as soon as they are released and more information can be found by clicking here at the Official Torchwood website. Are you looking forward to these radio plays?

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