Saturday, June 27, 2009

David Tennant Chicago Tribune Interview

David Tennant, the actor who is well known for starring in Doctor Who as the Tenth Doctor, was recently interviewed by the the Chicago Tribune. With Planet of the Dead, set to be broadcast for the first time in the U.S next month, the Chicago Tribune asked David about it and the other three specials of the year. An extract from the interview can be read below:

Why leave Doctor Who? What do you feel you've brought to it or left it with?
Oooh. It's very hard for me to answer that. It may be for others to answer and for history to dictate. I've had a wonderful time. I hope I'm leaving at the right time. I think you can overstay your welcome and I hope I'm not doing that. It's funny because it's difficult to leave something that you love so much and have such a great time with. It's hard to ever move away from. I could stay forever. I think it's always best to leave yourself and hopefully everybody else wanting more. I'm hoping I've done that and I'm hoping I'm leaving at the right time. As a rule, it takes an enormous infusion of creativity and energy and enthusiasm to do it justice. Which I've had, I think I've really enjoyed the last four years. And I'm quite happy to leave it still feeling that way, leave it before it starts feeling like a job. So it's probably not for me to say what I've left it with, but hopefully some stories that people will come back to and enjoy and feel very fondly about. I have such fond memories of watching Doctor Who when I was a kid and growing up, that if I've left anybody anywhere with memories as fond, then I feel like I've done my job.

Planet of the Dead will be broadcast in the U.S on the 26th of July on BBC America and the three other specials of the year will be broadcast at a later date. The full interview with David Tennant can be read by clicking here at the official Chicago Times website. What do you think of this new David Tennant interview?

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