Thursday, July 16, 2009

Doctor Who 2010 Calendar

The cover and details for next year's official Doctor Who calendar have now been revealed by Danilo. The Doctor Who 2010 calendar will includes new pictures of The Tenth Doctor's travels through time and space and is the fifth of it's kind to be released. The cover for the calendar can be seen above and the official synopsis for it can be read below:

Doctor Who is a national treasure which gets better with age. Re-live some of David Tennant’s finest moments with our 2010 calendar celebrating his reign. With his lamented departure, this calendar will at least help with the withdrawal symptoms.

The Doctor Who 2010 calendar will be released across the United Kingdom and Ireland on the 1st of September and will be sold at a regular retail price of £7.99. Will you be purchasing a copy of the official Doctor Who 2010 calendar?

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