Monday, July 27, 2009

The End of Time Comic-Con Trailer

A new trailer for one of the final two Doctor Who specials was shown at this years San Diego Comic-Con convention yesterday. The new trailer reveals that one of the two final specials is entitled The End of Time and features many new clips of The Master who last appeared in the Doctor Who Series Three episode, Last of the Timelords. The trailer can be seen below:

According to various sources, The End of Time is the title for both the third and fourth of the upcoming specials which will be broadcast at Christmas time on BBC One and on the BBC HD channel. The End of Time includes returns from The Master who is played by John Simm, Donna Noble who is played by Catherine Tate, Wilfred Mott who is played by Bernard Cribbins, Captain Jack Harkness who is played by John Barrowman and Lucy Saxon who is played by Alexandra Moen. What are your thoughts on the new ComicCon trailer for The End of Time?

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Sylar said...

This looks just ... FANTASTIC!!!!!! Why do we have to wait til Christmas? It's just cruel :( and The End of Time is a great title lol

UDW :)