Friday, August 28, 2009

Doctor Who Adventures #130

BBC Magazines have now sent us the cover and details for issue 130 of Doctor Who Adventures, which was released yesterday. This week's issue of the popular children's magazine is a back-to-school special and comes with an exclusive free Doctor Who stationery set and a double sided poster. The cover for the magazine can be seen to the left and it's official press release can be read below:

Is your teacher a monster from Doctor Who?

As the summer holidays come to an end (boo!), get ready for the return to school with this week’s Doctor Who Adventures.

Could one of your teachers be from another planet? As we’ve all seen in Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures, this can happen quite often, so you should take our test to find out…

Doctor Who Adventures also looks at some of the scary schools that have appeared in the series, so you will be able to stop monster invasions before they happen.

This week’s issue comes with a brilliant Doctor Who pencil case set (containing everything you’ll need for the new term!), plus a giant double-sided poster for your wall. All this and…

• Interview with the Daleks! We talk to two of their human operators.
• A brand-new comic strip
• Top 10 children in Doctor Who
• Puzzles and competitions – great prizes could be yours!
• Subscription offer – subscribe today and get a free Cybermen Collection DVD.

Doctor Who Adventures, issue 130, priced £2.75, is in shops on Thursday 27 August! Grab a copy before monster invaders grab you!

Issue 130 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale at good newsagents across the United Kingdom and Ireland now, being sold at the higher price of £2.75. Will you be purchasing a copy of this magazine at some point this week?

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