Sunday, August 23, 2009

Doctor Who Greatest Moments: The Enemies

The BBC recently revealed details for the third and final episode of the Doctor Who Greatest Moments series. The episode will take a look at some of most evil and deadly enemies that The Doctor has encountered on his travels through time and space with the help of David Tennant, John Barrowman, Derek Jacobi, Zoe Wannamaker, Freema Agyeman and Sarah Parish. Doctor Who Greatest Moments: The Enemies will be aired on the third of September at 8:00pm on BBC Three and a reminder for this episode will be posted here, on The Gallifrey Vortex, on the day of it's broadcast. The first episode in this series which took a look at The Doctor's most memorable moments was broadcast last week, and the second episode of the series, which will take a look at the Doctor's companion's most memorable moments, will be broadcast this Thursday at 8.00pm on BBC Three.