Monday, August 17, 2009

Doctor Who Magazine #412 Cover

The cover for issue 412 of Doctor Who Magazine has now been added to the magazine's official Facebook group and can be seen above. This month's issue features the second part of an exclusive interview with Tom Baker and gives readers the chance to win signed copies of Hornet's Nest, a new series of audio CDs featuring the Fourth Doctor. The magazine also includes the Watcher's Guide to The Sixth Doctor, interviews with Nicola Bryant and Mary Tamm, a new comic-strip and much more including exclusive filming pictures of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan filming the fifth series of Doctor Who. Doctor Who Magazine 412 will go on sale across the United Kingdom on Thursday at a price of £3.99 and the press release will be posted here, on The Gallifrey Vortex, when made available.

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Conor said...

I like the cover, its good for a change.