Monday, August 24, 2009

First Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 Picture

The first promotional image for the third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures was leaked online today. The picture features Sarah Jane Smith who is played by Elisabeth Sladen, Luke Smith who is played by Thomas Knight, Rani Chandra who is played by Anjili Mohindra, and Clyde Langer who is played by Daniel Anthony. The new picture can be seen below:
The third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures will be broadcast this Autumn on BBC One and on the CBBC Channel, and the latest trailers, promotional pictures and more from the new series will be posted here, on The Gallifrey Vortex, as soon as they are made available. What are your thoughts on this new picture?


mdwm said...

This look really cool! I love Luke's shirt haha.

I'm glad Sarah's hair has grew back :P

Conor said...

I agree with MDWM lol, I like them types of shirts lol, this promo is cool.