Friday, September 18, 2009

Tesco Exclusive Doctor Who Figure Sets

Four new Doctor Who action figure sets were recently released exclusively at Tesco stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Pictures of a set which includes action figures from Doctor Who series three, and a set which includes Cybermen action figures from various Doctor Who classic series episodes, have now been released online and can also be seen below:

Both figure sets are currently on sale at Tesco stores, alongside a series one figure set which includes figures of The 9th Doctor, Jabe and a Sycorax, and a series two figure set which includes figures of The 10th Doctor, the Cybercontroller and a Hoix. Will you be purchasing any of these new figure sets?


thedoctorwho07 said...

I'm going to get the Series 3 set just for the brand new Jack and Korwin figures, then I'll probably sell the Time Lord figure as I already have it.

By the way, the Tenth Doctor figure with the Series 2 set is the "Ghostbusters" version (as I think it's called). =)

Conor said...

I just want the Korwin figure