Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Doctor Who DVD Files #20

The twentieth issue of The Doctor Who DVD Files was released today, and is now on sale at good newsagents across the United Kingdom and Ireland. This issue comes with a free binder and episode eleven and twelve of Doctor Who series three; Utopia, and The Sound of Drums, on DVD. The magazine includes episode guides for both episodes included on the DVD, and takes a look at the Supreme Dalek, The Master's laser screwdriver, Chantho, Captain Jack Harkness, and how Neill Gorton adds age to Doctor Who characters using prosthetics. The next issue of the magazine, issue 21, will be released in two weeks time, and will come with the final series three episode, Last of the Timelords, and the 2007 Christmas special; Voyage of the Damned, on DVD, and will include episode guides for both stories. The Doctor Who DVD Files issue twenty is on sale at all good newsagents now, being sold for the price of £6.99.

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