Monday, October 26, 2009

Doctor Who Specials DVD Box Sets

Many online retailers are now listing two different box sets featuring various Doctor Who special episodes. The first of the box sets consists of The Waters of Mars, The End of Time, and the final Doctor Who 2009 special, and the second of which is entitled Doctor Who: The Complete Specials, but the contents of this box set is yet to be confirmed. The Waters of Mars and The End of Time two-parter box set and the Doctor Who complete specials box set will both be released across the United Kingdom and Ireland on the eleventh of January 2010, both being sold at regular retail prices of £24.99 and £39.99. The Complete Specials will also be available on Blu-Ray for the higher price of £49.99. Will you be purchasing one of these box sets?


George-nox said...

Probably the complete specials box set,

I'm hoping that means it will have all of the 2009 specials, and the Christmas special from 2008.

thedoctorwho07 said...

Fantastic! Just what I, and I think everyone, was hoping for! I'm getting the one with all the specials, it would make more sense LOL ;D