Saturday, October 3, 2009

Third Doctor and Giant Maggots Figure Set

Forbidden Planet have now revealed pictures of their upcoming exclusive Third Doctor action figure set. This is Forbidden Planet's third exclusive Third Doctor figure set, and will come with three giant maggot figures from the 1973 story, The Green Death, a Third Doctor action figure, and a sonic screwdriver accessory. An image of the figure set, created by me, can be seen above, and the official synopsis for The Green Death can be read below:

UNIT is called in after a miner from the Welsh village of Llanfairfach is found dead, his skin glowing bright green. Jo joins forces with a local environmental group, led by Professor Clifford Jones, while the Doctor investigates the nearby plant of a company called Global Chemicals.

They discover that the mine workings are full of giant maggots and green slime - both lethal to touch - that have been produced by chemical waste pumped from the Global plant.

The Third Doctor and Giant Maggots action figure set will be released exclusively at Forbidden Planet stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland on Monday the Nineteenth of October, and will be sold for the price of £24.99. Will you be purchasing this new Doctor Who figure set when it is released later this month?


Conor said...

Might get this

Harry said...

I got this for Christmas. It is really good but I actually wanted the 3rd doc and Dalek!