Friday, October 9, 2009

Vincent Van Gogh in Doctor Who Series Five

Last month, it was announced that Richard Curtis would be writing an episode for Doctor Who series five. The writer recently spoke to Shortlist magazine about the episode he will be writing, and revealed that the famous Dutch artist, Vincent Van Gogh, will be appearing in it. An extract from Richard Curtis' interview with Shortlist magazine can be read below:

"I wanted to write something my kids would like. I’ve got Van Gogh stabbing a monster! Someone from the BBC just sent me a picture of my monster. I had to decide if it was yellow enough."

To find more out about Vincent Van Gogh and his work, click here. Richard Curtis' Doctor Who episode is expected to begin filming in November, and according to various sources, will be broadcast on BBC One and on BBC HD in February 2010.

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Flick said...

This sounds like a very strange episode. Cannot wait...