Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Radio Times The Waters of Mars Coverage

The Tenth Doctor, as portrayed by David Tennant, features on the cover of the latest issue of Radio Times magazine, which was released today. The magazine includes an interview with Doctor Who lead writer, Russell T Davies, along with a preview of The Waters of Mars, the second Doctor Who 2009 special. An extract from the magazine's interview with Russell T Davies can be read below:

"Doctor Who can be funny, wise, whimsical, exciting, heartbreaking, you name it, but I suppose the scary ones linger, because fear is such a vivid emotion, and very little stuff on TV is actually frightening. Good old-fashioned fear is Doctor Who’s domain. It’s what the viewers come for, especially kids.”

Inside, you can also read the listings for next week's television and radio, and the details for this year's Children in Need telethon. This issue of the Radio Times is currently available to buy across the United Kingdom and Ireland, being sold at the price of £1.10. Will you be buying a copy of this magazine this week?

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