Monday, December 28, 2009

Doctor Who Advent Calendar Twenty-Eight

With the new year now only a few days away, the BBC today updated their online Doctor Who Advent calendar, available exclusively on the official Doctor Who website, with it's twenty-eighth door. Inside today's door is a brand new installment of 'The Big Questions', a recurring and popular feature on the website firing questions at Doctor Who cast members. This time it is the turn of John Simm, the actor who is well known for his many roles in television, including portraying The Master in the Doctor Who series three episodes, Utopia, The Sound of Drums, and Last of the Timelords, and the recently broadcast Doctor Who special, The End of Time part one. The Big Questions with John Simm can be watched by clicking here inside door number twenty eighth on the official BBC Doctor Who website's Advent calendar. John Simm will be starring in the fourth and final Doctor Who '2009 special', The End of Time part two, which will be transmitted on BBC One and on the BBC HD channel on New Year's Day, Friday the first of January 2010.

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