Saturday, December 26, 2009

Doctor Who Advent Calendar Twenty-Five/Six

Yesterday, the BBC updated their online Doctor Who Advent calendar, only available on the official Doctor Who website, with it's twenty-fifth door. Inside the door is an extract from commentary of The End of Time part one, which received it's first broadcast across the United Kingdom last night. The commentary features Doctor Who lead writer and executive producer Russell T Davies, and Doctor Who executive producer Julie Gardner. The twenty-sixth door on the calendar was made openable on the official Doctor Who website's Advent calendar today, featuring a printable mask of The Master, as portrayed by John Simm in last night's episode. The commentary can be found by clicking here, and the mask can be found by clicking here, inside the twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth doors on the online Doctor Who Advent calendar. What do you think of both of these Advent calendar surprises?

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