Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Waters of Mars and The End of Time DVD

2Entertain recently revealed the cover and some details for a brand new Doctor Who three disc DVD set scheduled to be released on Monday, alongside a box set featuring all the Doctor Who specials broadcast since 2008 up until now. The box set includes three special episodes that have not yet been released on DVD; last year's Autumn special, The Waters of Mars, last year's Christmas special, The End of Time part one, and this year's New Year's Day special, The End of Time part two. Along with the episodes featured, the set will also include special features including the Doctor Who Confidential episodes that accompanied the broadcasts of The End of Time. The Waters of Mars and The End of Time parts one and two will be released in this DVD set across the United Kingdom and Ireland this Monday, the eleventh of January, available to buy from various entertainment retailers, being sold at a recommended retail price of £24.99. Will you be purchasing a copy of this new Doctor Who specials DVD set?

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