Tuesday, February 16, 2010

End of Time Action Figures Packaging Images

Character Options recently announced four brand new Doctor Who action figures from David Tennant's last story as The Tenth Doctor, the specials broadcast last Winter, The End of Time. The wave of action figures consists of The Tenth Doctor injured, The Eleventh Doctor after regeneration, The Master, and The Time Lord President. An image of The Tenth and Eleventh Doctor action figures which went on sale last month can be seen above, while an image of The Master and Time Lord President figures which were only made available to buy across the weekend, two weeks after their planned release, can be seen below:

All four of the Doctor Who End of Time action figures are available to buy alongside the second wave of classic series figures at good toy stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland now, being sold at a recommended retail price of £8.99. Character Options will be releasing new Doctor Who series five merchandise later this year, including action figures, playsets, and roleplay accessories, and details regarding these will be posted when they are revealed.


Jon the action figures buff said...

Now you only need Dr Who villain figures. Are they already available over there?

Brad said...

The second wave of classic figures are available now in the U.K, but no decent packaging images have yet been published. When published, you can be sure to see them here.