Sunday, February 7, 2010

Review: Doctor Who Radio Times Guide

Recently, the Radio Times began taking orders for their brand new book, taking a look at Doctor Who since it was bought back to our television screens in 2005 by Russell T Davies. The book is a guide to each of the episodes that have broadcast since then and features never seen before images. We were recently sent a copy of this new book, and our review for it is below:

Item: Doctor Who Radio Times 2005 - 2010 Souvenir Guide
From: The Radio Times
Pages: 164
Price: £6.99 (Order only)
Released: February 2010

Earlier this month, Radio Times magazine released a book covering Doctor Who since it was revived by Russell T Davies in 2005, available only by ordering over the phone. The glossy cover immediately catches the eyes of Doctor Who fans and anyone else alike, and the standard continues among the one-hundred-and-sixty-four pages of the book, featuring some exclusive and never seen before images of The Doctor's enemies, most notably the ones of the Weeping Angels and the Cybermen. The book isn't just one of pictures, although it mainly consists of them, it also includes short guides to the first, second, third, and fourth series of Doctor, along with the specials that were broadcast across 2009, each featuring a star rating. Quotes from many Doctor Who actors and actresses also accompany large highly detailed photographs, and pages taking a look at the costumes and props, and featuring the anatomies of the Daleks and Cybermen take a break from the series guides, and make the book even more of a worthy addition to any Doctor Who fan's collection. It springs to mind from the first page that a lot of hard work and effort has gone into producing this amazing book which if you get the opportunity to buy, you should take it. There are many Doctor Who guides out there on the shelves of book shops, but this one, showing the story of the revived Doctor Who so far, and the Radio Time's long connection with the show, truly deserves to be labelled as definitive. ★★★★★

Review by Brad, owner and creator of The Gallifrey Vortex. With thanks to Neelam Rhodes of the Radio Times for sending us a copy of the book. The book can be ordered from the Radio Time's twenty-four hour order line by calling 0844 543 9822 and paying £6.99 now.

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David said...

I think this has sold out. Really annoying as I was going to order it this week. I feel like I'm missing something amazing and will now have to resort to paying three times the price on eBay - Aaaaaaaargh!