Thursday, March 18, 2010

Doctor Who Series Six And Christmas Special

New Doctor Who executive producer, Piers Wenger, announced at the Doctor Who series five press launch that a sixth series of Doctor Who has been commissioned. The series will begin filming with Matt Smith as The Eleventh Doctor in July, and will most likely be broadcast on BBC One and on BBC HD next Spring. In addition to this great news, the executive producer has also revealed that Steven Moffat has written a Christmas episode set to be transmitted on Christmas Day. Neil Gaiman recently revealed he had written a script for Doctor Who, and with his name not appearing in the list of writers of Doctor Who series five, it is probable that his episode will be included within this new sixth series. As always, the latest on this will be posted when it's available. What are your thoughts on this?


Outcast Timelord said...

YAY! DOCTOR WHO SERIES SIX! And we get series five in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

No mention of Karen Gillian... is she only doing series 5 then? It would be nice to see a doctor and main companion in the new doctor who that last more than one series...
Nine Rose
Ten Rose
Ten Martha
Ten Donna
Eleven Amy
Eleven... Amy? :D

Brad said...

I agree with you there Anonymous, it would be great if we had the same cast for more then one series.

The Gallifrey Vortex Admin

Conor said...

Woooo this news is great plus SJA has been confirmed for two more series, so 2011 is already confirmed as a Who packed year!