Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SFX Matt Smith The Eleventh Hour Interview

SFX have published an extract of their new interview with Matt Smith from the next issue of the magazine, which will be released across the United Kingdom and Ireland tomorrow, onto their official website. The extract gives a few hints as to what the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who, in which Matt Smith stars as The Doctor, will see. Speaking to the magazine, Matt said: “I think there’s a magic to it. Steven has written a rather brilliant fairytale, in such a magical way. The Doctor’s getting to know his new body, which is just brilliant, all the great stuff that Steven’s done with that. What’s interesting about this particular series is that it has a thread twining through it. And you learn about that in episode one. And the Doctor’s scoping it out. It’s quite important for the rest of the tale.” The full interview, alongside interviews with Karen Gillan and Steven Moffatt, can be read in issue one-hundred-and-ninety-four of SFX Magazine, available tomorrow.

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