Thursday, April 15, 2010

Doctor Who Adventures #162

BBC Magazines have now sent us the cover and details for the one-hundred-and-sixty-second issue of Doctor Who Adventures magazine, which went on sale today. This week's issue comes with eleven free gifts, includes the latest part of Matt Smith's exclusive diary, and takes a look at some of the many Earth invasion attempts. The magazine's cover can be seen to the left, and the official press release for it can be read below:


This week Doctor Who Adventures looks at the best bits from last week’s episode, The Beast Below.

This week Matt reveals all about the filming of The Beast Below in his exclusive to Doctor Who Adventures diary.

Find out lots of interesting filming facts as Doctor Who Adventures visits the Doctor Who team as they film last week’s episode..

Who needs the Doctor’s help is this week’s brand new adventure? Find out in this week’s exclusive sneak peak at episode three, the Victory of the Daleks.
All this, and…

11 Free Doctor Who gifts!
Cyberman Fast Facts
Essential info on Earth Invaders
Five fantastic posters
Subscription offer – subscribe today and get a FREE Monster Book!

Issue 162 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is out 15th April, price £2.10

The one-hundred-and-sixty-second issue of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is available to buy at all good newsagents across the United Kingdom and Ireland now, being sold at the regular of £2.10. Will you be buying a copy of this issue?

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Conor said...

Got this yesterday, a day early! Im starting to like DWA again