Saturday, April 10, 2010

Doctor Who Continues With The Beast Below

The fifth series of Doctor Who will continue tonight with it's second episode, The Beast Below. The episode sees The Doctor, as played by Matt Smith, take his brand new companion, Amy Pond, as portrayed by Karen Gillan, for her first voyage through time and space, on the eve of her wedding. Earth has been abandoned and the majority of the United Kingdom's population now lives on a huge starship, where the sinister Smilers are everywhere, and the beast lurks below. The Beast Below will receive it's transmission tonight at 6.15pm on BBC One and on the BBC HD channel, and will be followed on BBC Three by it's accompanying episode of Doctor Who Confidential, All about the Girl. Come back here to The Gallifrey Vortex later tonight to post your views on the episode and to see the next time trailer for episode three of the series, Victory of the Daleks.


Micah Likes Chickens said...

Only a few minutes to go now

Conor said...

It was good, but im not too fond of this ep.