Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Doctor Who Brand New Family Board Games

Imagination have created two brand new Doctor Who board games, to tie in with the fifth series of the show. The games, entitled 'Battle To Save The Universe' and 'The Time Wars', are aimed at families, and feature The Doctor, Amy Pond, and their enemies. The current cover art for the games can be seen above, and the official product descriptions for both of them can be read below:

Battle To Save The Universe
Doctor Who fans, can you save the universe? Traverse the board, spinning the spinner to move. As you land on the home spaces you may pick up enemy discs, or battle to steal them from other players. The player who has collected the most pairs of enemies at the end of the game is declared the winner.

The Time Wars
Doctor Who with a twist! Innovative flipboard gameplay brings time travelling to your lounge straight from the great new series.

Doctor Who Battle To Save The Universe and The Time Wars will be released across the United Kingdom and Ireland at the end of June, and more details will be posted here when they are revealed. Will you be buying these board games?

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