Monday, April 19, 2010

Eleventh Doctor In Sarah Jane Adventures

The BBC have today revealed that The Eleventh Doctor, as played by Matt Smith, will be making an appearance in the fourth series of children's Doctor Who spin-off show, The Sarah Jane Adventures, later this year. Matt Smith will be joined by Katy Manning in two episodes of the series, who will be reprising her role as former companion of The Third Doctor, Jo Grant.

Executive producer, Nikki Wilson, had this to say: "Viewers are in for a real treat, with an action-packed story full of Russell's usual wit and warmth, which takes the gang inside a secret base beneath Snowdon and introduces brand-new vulture aliens, the mysterious Shansheeth. All this, plus a trip to an alien planet – a first for The Sarah Jane Adventures."

The fourth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures will be broadcast on BBC One and on the BBC HD Channel in the Autumn, and the latest news regarding it will be posted here as soon as it is made available. What are your thoughts on this?


Conor said...

Brilliant news!

Anonymous said...

I hope the sarah jane adventures can pull this off...