Friday, April 23, 2010

Karen Gillan On Series Five Story Arc

Karen Gillan, who is currently starring as The Doctor's companion, Amy Pond, in the fifth series of Doctor Who, has spoken to SpinOff Online about the unfolding series five story arc. The actress speaks about the mysterious cracks that have appeared the series so far, and explains that Amy Pond is central to the story arc. An interview extract can be read below:

“Amy is absolutely pivotal to the whole storyline of the series, so that’s exciting. And we’re given little clues throughout each episode, so you have to watch each episode a few times, I think, to pick everything up. You start to realise more and more just how important she is throughout the series, so it’s really interesting.”

SpinOff Online's interview with Karen Gillan can be read in full by clicking here. The fifth series of Doctor Who will continue tomorrow night at 6.20pm with The Time of Angels on BBC One and on BBC HD. What are your thoughts on the arc?

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