Thursday, April 29, 2010

Series Five Episodes Eight And Nine Titles

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, on sale today, reveals the titles for the eighth and ninth episodes of Doctor Who series five, which will make up a two-part story featuring the classic series enemies, The Silurians. The title of the eighth episode of the series has been revealed as 'The Hungry Earth', as it was learned two days ago from the cover, and the ninth episode's title has been revealed as 'Cold Blood'. Also announced inside the new issue is that the sixth episode, previously called Vampires In Venice, has now had a slight name change to The Vampires of Venice. These are the series five titles we know so far: 1: The Eleventh Hour, 2: The Beast Below, 3: Victory of the Daleks, 4: The Time of Angels, 5: Flesh and Stone, 6: The Vampires of Venice, 7: Amy's Choice, 8: The Hungry Earth, and 9: Cold Blood, with the titles for episodes ten, eleven, twelve, & thirteen unknown.


Anonymous said...

the hungry earth/cold blood - good but why change episode six from vampires in venice to the vampires of venice?

Conor said...

Really excited about these 2 eps

Blink said...

I think that they had to change episode 6 from 'Vampires in Venice' to 'The Vampires of Venice' because of copyright reasons.

There's a film with the title of 'Vampires in Venice'.