Sunday, April 18, 2010

Victory Of The Daleks Overnight Ratings

Doctor Who continued last night with Victory of the Daleks, and BARB have now released overnight ratings for the episode. According to the overnight ratings, the third episode of Doctor Who series five was watched by 6.2 million when it was broadcast on BBC One, with an additional 231,000 watching later over on the BBC HD channel. These ratings make Victory of the Daleks the second most watched programme of Saturday, giving it 32.7% of the audience share, being beaten to first place by Britain's Got Talent over on ITV One which gained 10.6 million. Overnight ratings are not final or accurate, and the official ratings will be announced by BARB in several weeks.


Square Eyes said...

The Eleventh hours were supposed to be lower, but then the official confirmed much higher. I wouldn't believe them until they are confirmed.

Conor said...

They are gonna be something like 8 million for the final ratings so thats pretty impressive!