Saturday, May 22, 2010

Doctor Who Continues In The Hungry Earth

After twenty-six years of being off air, one of The Doctor's greatest enemies, The Silurians, will return tonight in the eighth episode of series five, The Hungry Earth. In tonight's episode, a group of scientists are digging towards the centre of the Earth, but something is digging up! The Doctor, Amy, and Rory are soon caught between the conflict of two races, the Humans and the Silurians, but who is right and who is wrong? When the Silurians were here first? The Hungry Earth will be broadcast at 6.15pm on BBC One and on BBC HD, with it's accompanying episode of Doctor Who Confidential following over on BBC Three. Come back to The Gallifrey Vortex later tonight to participate in tonight's episode discussion, and to see a next time trailer for the next episode of the new series.

1 comment:

Tony said...

Looking forward to seeing the Silurians back, I'm just praying they don't have dinosaurs this time!