Friday, May 14, 2010

Series Five Episode Ten And Eleven Titles

The official Doctor Who website has now been updated with the titles for the tenth and eleventh episodes of Doctor Who's fifth series, currently airing in the United Kingdom and in America. The tenth episode, written by Richard Curtis, which will see The Doctor and Amy meet Van Gogh, has been revealed as Vincent and The Doctor. The eleventh episode, written by Gareth Roberts, which will see The Doctor land on Earth and live a life with a new character played by James Corden, has been revealed as The Lodger. The episodes will be broadcast on BBC One and on BBC HD next month, and the titles for episode twelve and thirteen will be released shortly, and then posted here. What are your thoughts on these episode titles?

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Star Gazing Director! said...

I think that they were quite perdictable, but it is good to fianly know what they are called!