Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Series Five Episode Twelve Title Revealed

The BAFTA website recently revealed the title for the twelfth episode of Doctor Who series five. The title was confirmed as 'The Pandorica Opens', which has been rumoured as the title for quite a while, in a report announcing a special screening of the episode next month. An unofficial synopsis which was featured alongside the report on the event can be read below:

A little girl called out for help about a crack in her bedroom wall and the Doctor answered. But now the cracks in time threaten the whole universe, silence is falling and the Pandorica opening. Can the Doctor and his feisty Scottish companion Amy Pond save the day?

The episode is the first of a two-parter and will feature The Doctor and Amy, alongside returning friend, Professor River Song, and returning enemies, the Cybermen. It will be broadcast on Saturday the nineteenth of June, and more information will be posted when available. What are your thoughts on this title?

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