Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Doctor Who DVD Files #1

Today, the first issue of The Doctor Who DVD Files was released across the United Kingdom and Ireland at the one-off price of £1.99. This issue comes with the first two episodes of Doctor Who series one, Rose and The End of the World, on DVD, and includes episode guides for both episodes. Inside are pull out pages, taking a look at various aspects of Doctor Who universe, which can later be filed in a binder which will come with the second issue which will be released on the twenty-eight of January at the price of £6.99. You can subscribe to the magazine by clicking here. Did you buy a copy of the first Doctor Who DVD Files?


Outcast Timelord said...

I bought this today from my local newsagents. I think it's really good and I enjoyed watching the DVD. I'm not sure If I'll get the next issue though because I think that £6.99 is very expensive.

Zobles said...

I got 2 copies of the first part and I love it!