Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Doctor Who DVD Files Television Adverts

Advertisements have now began airing on various television Channels in the United Kingdom for the new Doctor Who DVD Files. The first issue of the magazine, collecting every episode of Doctor Who from Rose to Journey's End, will be released tomorrow, coming with a free DVD, featuring the episodes Rose and The End of the World. You can view all the new adverts below:

The Doctor Who DVD Files will be published by GE Fabbri who also publish Doctor Who Battles in Time. The Doctor Who DVD Files website is now up and running and can be viewed by clicking here. Will you be buying the DVD Files tomorrow?


ZoeLovesDavidTennant said...

Looks Great!
Definatley Going To Consider Getting Them!

Great Site By The Way! xx

Jamie123 said...

Can't wait until i get this it look amazing! Great Site Brad Keep up the Great Work! Jamie, TimelordsVsDaleks

Zobles said...

Those ads are cool, I love the DVD Files!