Sunday, January 25, 2009

Doctor Who Invisible Coin Money Bank

A new Doctor Who money bank is now being listed by Forbidden Planet for release later this year. The money bank, pictured above, featuring the TARDIS, gives the illusion that when coins are placed in, they disappear. The Doctor Who invisible coin money bank is set for release on the thirtieth of June this year and will be sold at a recommended retail price of £5.99. The money bank can be preordered by clicking here from Forbidden Planet. Will you be purchasing this?


Combom said...

paying out £5.99 is a daft way of saving money lol, mind you releasing junk like this for sale is showing the DW franchise is worth a lot and the show should last a long time :)

TOCS said...

Wow, how clever! Lol..


Zobles said...

What Combom said is true, still though this looks rubbish, and I wont get it.