Sunday, March 8, 2009

Euros Lyn Wired Interview

Euros Lyn, the director of many Doctor Who and Torchwood episodes, was recently interviewed In the interview, Euros Lyn talks about the third series of Torchwood and the two Doctor Who specials he will be directing. An extract from the interview can be seen below:

Lyn was already in the early stages of prepping the regeneration story, and he's aware that fans and media alike would love to wrench out a few details about the story. "I've seen the scripts, and they're amazing. I'm being being very careful not to give anything away, but I think fans will be thrilled with David's farewell and how we set up the 11th Doctor.

You can read the full interview by clicking here. The third series of Torchwood will be broadcast in the United Kingdom and in America in Summer and will air across five consecutive nights. The final two Doctor Who specials featuring The 10th Doctor are expected to be broadcast at Christmas time or at the start of the new year. What do you think of this interview?

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Zobles said...

Thats a great interview, come on Children of Earth! Hurry up and air!