Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Cold Day in Hell Graphic Novel

The cover for the upcoming Seventh Doctor graphic novel, A Cold Day in Hell, was recently added to the official Doctor Who Magazine Facebook group. The graphic novel will include the comics, A Cold Day in Hell, Redemption, The Crossroads of Time, Claws of the Klathi, Culture Shock, Keepsake, Planet of the Dead, Echoes of the Mogor, Time and Tide, Follow that TARDIS and Invaders from Gantac. The synopsis for the book can be read below:

The first volume of comics collection the Seventh Doctor's complete strip adventures from the pages of Doctor Who magazine sees the famous Time Lord in no fewer than 11 thrilling adventures through time and space! The Doctor encounters Death's Head, Heat Vampires, Ice Warriors and even himself! The original black and white strips are digitally mastered and collected for the first time ever.

A Cold Day in Hell will be released across the United Kingdom and Ireland on the fourth of May and will be sold at the RRP of £15.99. Will you be purchasing this?

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Conor said...

I wont be buying this.