Friday, April 24, 2009

Gillian Anderson to Play The Rani?

Various British newspapers have this week been reporting that Gillian Anderson, the actress who is well known for her role as Scully in the American science fiction series, The X Files, will be appearing in Doctor Who. The reports state that she will play the role of The Rani, an old Timelord enemy of The sixth and seventh incarnations of The Doctor who was originally played Kate O' Mara. An apparent BBC insider said:

"Gillian obviously has a massive sci-fi following and it's felt that it would be a major coup to have her appear in Doctor Who. The team behind the show are keen for the next Doctor to have lots of new enemies and Gillian would be a glamorous and impressive addition to the list. The Rani would be a perfect role for her as the character used to be regarded as one of the Doctor's most deadly opponents."

The Daily Telegraph is one of the many newspapers who are reporting this and you can view their report online by clicking here. Please be aware that the BBC have not confirmed that Gillian Anderson will be appearing in Doctor Who or that The Rani will return for series five, meaning that this may or may not be true. Do you think Gillian Anderson would be a good choice to play the role of The Rani?


Conor said...

Emmm she might be good... but I heard these rumours arn't true.

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