Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Doctor Who Adventures #110

BBC Magazines have today emailed us the cover and details for issue 110 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine which will be released tomorrow. The magazine comes with a free Tenth Doctor dress up set, includes a preview of Planet of the Dead and allows readers to enter a competition to win lots of Doctor Who DVDs. The cover for this issue of the magazine can be seen above and the press release can be read below:

Dress up like the Doctor with Doctor Who Adventures magazine!

This week’s bumper issue of Doctor Who Adventures, out on Thursday 9 April, will prepare you for this weekend’s special episode, Planet of the Dead.

Check out a preview of the new adventure. Who is the mysterious Christina? What is a London bus doing on an alien world? And what about the creepy new aliens that look like big flies?!

You’ll also find a competition to win loads of Doctor Who DVDs (containing 21 stories in total!) plus an LCD television with built-in DVD player.

The issue comes with a dress-up-like-the Doctor kit – including everything you need to look like your favourite Time Lord. There’s a TARDIS key, sonic screwdriver, glasses and tie! Make sure you’re dressed as the Doctor while watching the Easter special.

What else?

  • Posters: Planet of the Dead, the TARDIS, the Doctor in Silence in the Library, the Ood.
  • Fact file: 21 amazing facts about the Doctor!
  • Survival guide: What to do if you meet a Slitheen.
  • Tales from the TARDIS: Davros tests out the Reality Bomb – look out!
  • Puzzles and competitions: Fun things to work out and win!
  • Comic strip: Danger on the planet Tranquility.
  • Subscription offer: Subscribe today and get an amazing Doctor Who book!

Doctor Who Adventures, issue 110, priced £2.75, is out Thursday. It’s essential reading for young fans of monsters and time travel.

Along with the cover and details for the next issue of Doctor Who Adventures, BBC Magazines also sent us an email regarding a recent poll conducted by the popular childrens magazine. The poll was to find out what the readers of the Doctor Who Adventures thought the scariest Doctor Who monster was. A press release from BBC Magazines, which reveals the winne of the poll can be seen below:

The chilling Weeping Angels have outblinked the Daleks as the scariest Doctor Who monster of all time, according to a poll of young Doctor Who fans. Despite the scary statues only appearing in a single episode of the TV series, 2 out of 5 readers of Doctor Who Adventures magazine voted the Weeping Angels the monster they’re most likely to dive behind the sofa at the sight of. This is despite the reemergence of old foes the Daleks and the Cybermen in more recent episodes.

The poll, conducted by Doctor Who Adventures magazine to coincide with the upcoming Easter special of the BBC programme, saw the frightening Weeping Angels secure 41% of reader votes with the Daleks coming in second with 22% of votes, followed third by the Cybermen with 8% of the votes.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the younger generation of Doctor Who fans opted for David Tennant as their favourite Doctor. Having made his debut in Christmas 2005 he received an incredible 86% of votes.

Readers voted Tennant's predecessor Christopher Eccleston into second place with 12% of votes followed closely by Tom Baker with 9% of votes.

Moray Laing, Editor, Doctor Who Adventures says, “The Weeping Angels frightened loads of adults when they appeared in Doctor Who, so I’m not surprised our readers find them scary. Although they only cropped up once in the series a couple of years ago, these silent creatures made a huge impression on children. They really are the stuff of nightmares”.

“And congratulations to David Tennant for winning our favourite Doctor poll – he’s a fantastic Doctor, brilliant actor and great role model for children. Doctor Who Adventures readers can hardly wait for his next special this Easter!”

Issue 110 of Doctor Who Adventures will be released across the United Kingdom and Ireland tomorrow at the slightly higher price of £2.75. Issue 111 will be released next Thursday and will include Planet of the Dead facts and will come with a free Dalek stationery set.

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Cool post, I got this issue of DWA on Wednesday and I really like the cover.